About Us

Hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

Midwest Hearing Aid and Sinus Center, LLC. and affiliate Midwest Ear Nose and Throat and Sinus Center have been proudly serving the Olathe community for over 25 years. Our practice boasts three highly trained and diversified Otolaryngologists: Dr. Brian Metz, Dr. Bruce Zimmerman and Dr. David Hill.  In addition, our staff includes three audiologists: diagnostician, Ron Burch and rehabilitation specialists, Dr. Kelly Schmidt & Dr. Janna Weber.  

Our practice actively promotes healthy hearing, communication competency, and quality of life through damage prevention, identification, assessment, and rehabilitation of hearing and auditory function. Following identification, Midwest Hearing Aid Center will focus exclusively on hearing loss and its rehabilitation by selecting, fitting, and dispensing of hearing aids and other hearing assistive devices.  Audiologic rehabilitation will provide a comprehensive program of therapeutic services, counseling, and other management strategies.